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Sunday, April 16, 2006


Hola folks!
This is the brand new-look St.James' School Quizobean blog. The earlier one was mistakenly deleted by Soumya Rajat Mukherjee, a 'crime' for which he has tendered his most profuse apologies. However ;we have been able to minimise the 'damage' as the previous posts had been fortunately saved and they form the subject of "The Archives". However we regret to inform you that the comments will no longer be avaiable so please do not try to access any comments within "The Archives".
The Quizobean is doing very well and is, as usual, adhering to its very high standards. With the exciting new talents the Quizobean has, the St.James' School quiz team surely will repeat or better the awesome performance of the last quizzing season.
So stay tuned...........

Thursday, April 13, 2006

The Archives

Quizzing Myths

As a quizzard I've often heard non-quizzards proclaim with confidence that a good quizzard is one who has his head buried in "Quiz Books". I've cringed each time I've heard this because I know that it simply isn't true. Rote learning gets you nowhere in quizzing. What is required in a quizzard is awareness. A good quizzard enjoys going through newspapers or magazines, looking for interesting little tidbits of information. We do not sit with paper and pen writing down all the headlines, before swaying back and forth while committing them to memory. We don't do this simply because we have to win the next quiz. We just enjoy quizzing. It always feels great to answer a question correctly.

An even bigger myth is this: non-quizzing people actually believe that we know the answers to all the questions that we answer correctly! The biggest secret of quizzing is that 85% of all answers are intelligent guesses. Many quizzards call this "fudging" and good quizzards do this very well. You listen to a question which leaves you stumped initially. Then something clicks- something you may have once overheard or a picture that might have caught your eye years ago-and you've got your answer. The whole thing happens in a matter of a few seconds.
That's what makes quizzing fun.

By the by, let me take this opportunity to congratulate Soumyajeet on his long and illustrious quizzing career. I'm glad that we won his last quiz (Brainstorm-Vibes). Here's wishing him all the best.

Sunday, January 01, 2006


The Quiz Club of St.James' meets fairly regularly at 2 pm on Wednesday in the room opposite the Vice-Principal's office. The members of the Quizbean have a weekly one and a half hour hour brainstorming session conducted by our master-in-charge of quizzing Mr. Biswaroop Dasgupta.

The above picture is the Quiz Club picture for the year 2005. Looks kinda serious....right?? But the quiz club isn't boring or straightlaced at all. In fact there's a whole lot of fun to it.

So, if you're a Jacobean and looking for a club to hang out in, the Quizobean's the best place to be. Its fun and educating at the same time! So let your minds meet with some of the best human encyclopaedias of the schools of Calcutta.


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Friday, December 16, 2005

The Quizobean Report 2005

The St. James’ quiz team after a year of mediocre performances, rose from its ashes this year to attain dizzy heights in the Kolkata schools quizzing circuit. The team, comprising of Soumyajeet Ghosh, Rajarshi Banerjee, Rijoy Bhaumik, Shiladitya Sengupta and Soumya Rajat Mukherjee sailed through almost all of the quizzes they participated in this year, winning nine of the fourteen quizzes they took part in. This unseen bout of success was attributed to the tremendous teamwork shown by the teammates that sited them as one of the best quizzing teams.
The quizzing season began with the annual Creations fest quiz organized by La Martinere for Girls, where the team, showing uncharacteristic opening season lack of form failed to place. But there was no looking back since then. In our very own Jaco Iz 2005, the team roared to life, winning a closely contested quiz at G.D. Birla Sabhaghar. The St. John’s Diocesan Annual Inter-School Topical Quiz organized as a part of the 111th year anniversary was the next quiz in sight for the team and they did not disappoint. After a convincing win, the next quiz was our own Jaco Synthesis fest quiz which had eluded us since 1997. Here again, the team showed its class to win in emphatic style. After winning three quizzes in a row, the team aimed for their fourth victory in succession at the Bosco Jubilee Quiz 2005 organized by the Quiz Club of Don Bosco Park Circus. They say “Winning is a habit”, and St. James’ showed that they had got into that habit by now, winning this quiz in the last round. Next, St. James’ took part in the Drishtikon 2005 fest quiz, hosted by the Drishti Club of La Martinere for Girls, winning, yet again. In the Matrix 2005 fest quiz organized by M.P. Birla Foundation Higher Secondary School, the team tasted defeat for the first time in a long time narrowly losing to the home team to come second.
But at the TCS IT WIZ, the St. James’ team represented by Rijoy Bhaumik and Rajarshi Banerjee savoured their biggest success. In this quiz organized by TATA Consultancy Services Ltd. Information Technology was the topic. St. James’ qualified in the final six out of 400 participating teams, and after five rounds of scintillating quizzing the team emerged champions. Their individual prizes included TATA Indicom cellphones, Apple iPOD Minis and trips for two to Bangkok, among others.
Although the season was drawing to a close, the team was in no mood to relent in their pursuit of a place in the St. James’ quizzing Hall Of Fame. In the Inter School Environment Quiz organized by Concern for Kolkata and the Calcutta School of Music, St. James’ dominated, winning it by a comfortable margin. Another quiz that had eluded St. James’ in the past few years was the Vibes ‘Brainstorm’ Quiz organized by Voices, The Statesman. The team this year set that record straight by winning it, albeit in the last question. After the dominating display by this year’s team, it will be difficult to deny them a place as one of the greatest quiz teams St. James’ have ever shaped.
The supremacy of the St. James’ quiz team this year was due to the immense competition in the intra-school level. In the Inter House Quiz for the Middle School, Lefroy emerged champions, followed closely by Cotton and Copleston. In the Inter House Quiz for the Senior School, Copleston House dominated the quiz from start to finish, winning it in the end followed by Westcott and Cotton. In the Inter Class Quiz for the 11s and 12s, the 11s showed their superiority over the 12s with 11 A emerging as deserving champions, followed by 11 B and 12 A. The Quizobean meets every Wednesday in the classroom opposite the Vice-Principal’s office. This year, the four ‘Houses’ in the Quizobean were coined, ‘Socrates’, ‘Da Vinci’, ‘Galileo’ and ‘Tagore’. The meetings are conducted austerely by senior Physics teacher and quiz teacher-in-charge Mr. B. Dasgupta. At the end of each meeting the points tally of each house is noted down and at the end of the year, the house with the highest total of points is declared the best house in the Quizobean. That distinction went to ‘Socrates’ . They were followed by ‘Da Vinci’ ,‘Socrates’ and Galileo. We would like to thank Mr. Dasgupta for his constant help and grooming and Mr. Ireland, our principal, for his constant support.

Thursday, December 01, 2005


So we won Vibes Brainstorm for the first time. Its been a gr8 year for St.James' School quizzing. That 2 on the last question!!! BTW I'd like 2 thank evry1 who I've been associated wid in my yrs as a quizzard in St.James' Its been gr8 working wid y'all especially this year's team especially Rajarshi and Rijoy. Keep the quizzing spirit alive in St.James' and keep the standards rockin sky high !!!!!

Friday, November 18, 2005

The Official St. James' School Quizobean Blog

Dude!!! Man. The best damn school team in the circuit now has a blogsite.

The Quiz Team of St. James' School 2005-06

The quizzing school team of St. James' who set a scorching pace this year winning ten out of the fourteen quizzes they went to (above from left: Rajarshi Banerjee (XI B),Soumyajeet Ghosh (XII A), Rijoy Bhaumik (XI A) )

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