Sunday, April 16, 2006


Hola folks!
This is the brand new-look St.James' School Quizobean blog. The earlier one was mistakenly deleted by Soumya Rajat Mukherjee, a 'crime' for which he has tendered his most profuse apologies. However ;we have been able to minimise the 'damage' as the previous posts had been fortunately saved and they form the subject of "The Archives". However we regret to inform you that the comments will no longer be avaiable so please do not try to access any comments within "The Archives".
The Quizobean is doing very well and is, as usual, adhering to its very high standards. With the exciting new talents the Quizobean has, the St.James' School quiz team surely will repeat or better the awesome performance of the last quizzing season.
So stay tuned...........


Blogger naaru said...

i feel realy proud of st, james reading this blog, the thing about quizing in james is that it has such a wonderfull system with the quiz club and mr. dasgupta that it does not matter who is quizzing every team through sheer hardwork is brought to that level.somewhat like the big corporations it does not matter who the ceo is. keep the james flag flying high. i have completely washed my hands of quizzing, tough i sometimes miss the wednesday afternoon meetings.
samik( ex jacobean)

4:26 PM  

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